Trips to Israel

Joe Amaral has been in ministry since 1994 and an ordained minister since 1998 with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in the Western Ontario District. Amaral is the author of “Understanding Jesus”, the devotional book called “What Would Jesus Read?” and his latest book “Story in the Stars”.

Books Published


Joe Amaral graduated from Master’s College & Seminary (formerly Eastern Pentecostal Bible College) in 1995. He was the volunteer youth pastor at Church in the City in Toronto, Ontario from his internship until 1995. He then pioneered a church in Oakville, Ontario and also pioneered an English speaking congregation within a Portuguese church in Hamilton, Ontario. From 1999 to 2001 he was the senior pastor of Georgian Shores Christian Assembly in Victoria Harbour, Ontario.

It was during a trip to Israel in 2002 that his life and ministry were completely changed. He joined his father-in-law in ministry to Israel through First Century Foundations. During that time he produced and hosted a weekly television program by the same name for 10 years. The program featured archaeological and historical sites in Israel along with ministries in Israel that are supported by First Century Foundations.

In 2016 Joe Amaral became the daily host of 100 Huntley Street and the Teaching Pastor at PORTICO Community Church in Mississauga, Ontario. In 2018 he founded the Christian Research Group.


Joe Amaral lives in Milton, Ontario with his wife, Karen. Together they have two children – their daughter Katelyn who is a registered nurse and married to Aaron and their son Daniel who is a student at Master’s College & Seminary. When he’s not looking at deep space objects through his telescope, you’ll often find him in front of the TV supporting his favourite soccer team, Manchester United.


The Bible comes from another world, an ancient Jewish world. Discover how understanding our Hebraic roots unlocks the true meaning of Jesus’ teachings. Learn about the stories behind the stories. (more)


The God of creation designed the universe with you in mind. He created, named and placed the stars in the heavens so that all mankind would be able to see the story in the stars – the story of redemption. (more)


One of Joe’s passions is taking people to Israel where they can visit the places where the Bible stories occurred. Experiencing the land and culture of Israel will make the Scriptures come alive! (more)