Tour to Israel

November 5th to 15th, 2018 – $3,599*

Join Us as We . . .

Day 1: Monday, November 5th
Depart Toronto at 5pm From Terminal 1

Day 2: Tuesday, November 6th
Arrive in Tel Aviv at 10:15am. We will be met by our Tour Guide: Shmulik Eitan (Pronounced: Shmooolick). We will drive to Jaffa for a brief tour of the ancient port. This is where Jonah ran to and where Peter had his rooftop vision. Continue to our seaside hotel for check-in. You are free to explore the many shops of Tel Aviv, Swim in the ocean or treat yourself to a beautiful walk along the beach. There will be a mandatory orientation meeting after supper where the tip fee ($180* USD cash) will be collected. Please have U.S. currency for this.

Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv at the Renaissance Hotel

Day 3: Wednesday, November 7th
Start the day by touring the city of Caesarea and the beautiful Herodian Theater. Visit the ancient Hippodrome and ruins of the Crusader Period section of the city. Continue to Mount Carmel, where Elijah defeated the false prophets of Baal. Enjoying the panoramic view of the incredible Jezreel Valley, also known as the Valley of Armageddon. After lunch, we will head towards Nazareth to visit Kfar Kedem, a community that has been designed to recreate life during the time of Abraham. Here we will dress up in period appropriate clothing, learn to make goat cheese, milk a goat, make your own pita, then finish by riding a donkey.

Dinner and overnight in the Galilee at the Ramot Resort

Day 4: Thursday, November 8th
Enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Visit the museum that houses the famous 2000-year-old “Jesus Boat”. Visit ancient Migdal and see a newly excavated synagogue and mikvah. Continue to Chorazim to experience some incredible archaeology. Visit Tabgha, the traditional site of the multiplication of the fishes and loaves. Visit the Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum. Then there will be an opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River (optional $15 USD per person for towel and certificate).
Dinner and overnight in the Galilee at the Ramot Resort

Day 5: Friday, November 9th
We head north to Caesarea Philippi mentioned in Matthew 16 where we will get our first taste of the Golan Heights. Explore the Nimrod Castle, a medieval fortress situated on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon. Ascend Mount Bental for a magnificent view of the land surrounding and learn of its important history to Israel.
Dinner and overnight in the Galilee at the Ramot Resort

Day 6: Saturday, November 10th
We start heading south towards Jerusalem. We will stop along the way to visit the breathtaking archaeological ruins of ancient Beit Shean. We arrive in Jerusalem and drive to the Mount of Olives for a spectacular view of the Old City. The vista includes the southern steps of the Temple, the Temple Mount, the Eastern Gate, a 2000-year-old cemetery and the Kidron Valley. Walk down the Palm Sunday route to the Garden of Gethsemane for a time of personal prayer and reflection.
Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem at the Dan Panorama

Day 7: Sunday, November 11th
Start the day by walking on the walls of Jerusalem. Visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s holocaust memorial. Lunch and shopping at the Ben Yehuda Street Market.
Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem at the Dan Panorama

Day 8: Monday, November 12th
Visit the City of David and explore the Drainage Tunnel Walk. Visit The Western Wall where you’ll have time to reflect and pray and then go underground, walking parallel to the ancient city wall through Western Wall Tunnels. We’ll also visit the Pools of Bethesda. Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu—a church that commemorates the site where Peter denied Jesus three times and is also the location of Caiaphas the High Priest where Jesus was imprisoned ion the night before His crucifixion.
Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem at the Dan Panorama

Day 9: Tuesday, November 13th
Enjoy a cable-car ride up to the desert fortress of Masada built by the legendary King Herod the Great! Then we’ll make our way to the Dead Sea where you’ll have the opportunity to float in the mineral-rich waters and have fun putting mud on your skin…don’t forget your swimsuit and water shoes!
Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem at the Dan Panorama

Day 10: Wednesday, November 14th
Visit the Valley of Elah where David fought Goliath. We’ll enjoy lunch and then some free time shopping at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.
Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv at the Renaissance Hotel

Day 11: Thursday, November 15th
Depart Tel Aviv and arrive in Toronto.



• Round-trip air from Toronto, ON
• Meeting/assistance at the airport
• Return transfers to/from the airport in Israel
• Accommodations (double occupancy) for the duration of your stay in Israel
• Daily buffet breakfast and dinner
• Porterage at airport and hotels
• Air-conditioned tour bus (with WiFi when available)
• Licensed English speaking driver and tour guide
• All entrance fees to places of interest
• All hotel taxes and service charges
• Personal travel information kit


• Travel to and from departure city
• Airport taxes ($695*)
• Daily lunches ($12 to $15 USD per day)
• Tip fee for driver, tour guide and porters ($180* USD) (to be paid at the orientation meeting on the first night in Israel)
• Personal insurance (optional) (please see next tab for rates)
• If you would like a single room instead of sharing a double room, it is at an additional cost of $1,400

* Subject to change due to any currency fluctuations between the U.S. and Canadian dollars.

ALL INCLUSIVE: Trip cancellation before departure, unlimited emergency medical and hospitalization, flight and trip interruption, lost luggage, baggage delay, out pocket expenses for accommodations and meals etc.
Up to 59 yrs: $ PRICING TO COME
60-64 Yrs: $
65-69 yrs: $
70-74 yrs: $
75-79 yrs: $
80-84 yrs: $

NON-MEDICAL: Coverage is as above except no medical coverage
Up to 59 yrs: $
60-64 yrs: $
65-69 yrs: $
70-74 yrs: $
75-79 yrs: $
80-84 yrs: $

For those who are in a single room the following are the rates
Up to 59 yrs: $
60-64 yrs: $
65-69 yrs: $
70-74 yrs: $
75-79 yrs: $
80-84 yrs: $

UP to 59 yrs: $
60-64 yrs: $
65-69 yrs: $
70-74 yrs: $
75-79 yrs: $
80-84 yrs: $


Q. What do I do when I arrive at Pearson International Airport (YYZ) before departure?
A. Please make sure to arrive 3 hours before departure. Go to the International Air Canada counter in Terminal 1. When you get to the area, please make sure to introduce yourself to Joe and Karen Amaral and to get checked in with them before going through the ticketing line. They will give you your name tag and travel pack. Your name tag will let the security team know you are traveling with our group. Joe and Karen will also give you further instructions before you go through to the gate of departure.


Q. What is a Land-Only Package?
A. Let’s say you have air miles and want to use them to pay for the flight portion of your trip or let’s say you want to fly in a day or two ahead of the group and you want to arrange your own flight to Israel. You can purchase a land-only package from International Heritage Tours and join us for the hotels, meals and sites. It includes everything a normal tour package does…just without the flight.


Q. If I want to stay longer in Israel, can I do that?
A. Absolutely! If you’d like to stay longer, you can arrange with our tour operator beforehand to extend your stay and change your flight arrangements. This should be done at the time of registration.

Q. If I fly to Israel ahead of the group, how do I meet up with them?
A. Our first night is always spent at the Renaissance Hotel in Tel Aviv. You can join us for dinner at the hotel at 7 pm and then for the orientation meeting after dinner.


Q. When will I receive my ticket and information package?
A. Approximately two weeks before departure you will receive a phone call from a representative of International Heritage Tours to confirm your mailing address and to arrange a shipping time.


Q. What kind of clothing/accessories should I bring?
A. Comfortable clothes that you would wear in the spring or summer. For religious sites (such as churches and sites deemed holy) women must wear modest clothing that covers their shoulders and knees at all times. We also recommend dressing in layers as the mornings and evenings are often much cooler than mid-day (especially in Jerusalem).

Q. What kind of footwear should I bring?
A. Comfortable shoes as we do a lot of walking. Steps and pathways are often uneven and you’ll want shoes that will keep you stable on your feet. It is also recommended that you bring water shoes or flip-flops for when we go to the Dead Sea and for the Jordan River Baptismal site. The sand at the Dead Sea is extremely hot and there are rocks at the edge of the water.

Q. Do I need to bring a swimsuit?
A. It is optional but recommended especially if you want to be baptized. There will be an opportunity for you to swim in the Mediterranean on our first day. There will also be a time to swim in the Dead Sea and to be baptized in the Jordan River. Each hotel also has a pool and/or is within close proximity to water.

Q. Do I need to bring dress clothes?
A. Yes. We will be at a Shabbat dinner and it is traditional to dress up for that evening.

Q. Are there any other recommendations?
A. We recommend bringing a hat and sunglasses with you along with some SPF sunblock.

Click on this LINK to see our printable recommended packing list.


Q. How much luggage am I allowed to bring?
A. You may bring one mid-sized case to check into the plane that may not exceed 23 kg (50 lbs) and you may bring one carry-on bag not to exceed 8 kg (17 lbs).

Q. What can I not bring with me on my carry-on bag?
A. For security reasons, you are not allowed to board with potentially dangerous articles such as scissors, cutters, Swiss army-type knives or tools and instruments for agricultural, scientific, sporting or industrial use and the like, nor can you board with any type of imitation or toy firearm. All liquids, gels, creams and aerosols must be in 3.4 ounce (100ml) or smaller containers.


Q. What is the currency in Israel?
A. Shekels — although, U.S. Dollars are widely accepted. Canadian Dollars are not usually accepted.

Q. Do I need to get shekels here in Canada or will I be able to change my money in Israel?
A. On our first day after we check-in to the hotel, feel free to explore the streets of Tel Aviv where you will find several places to change your money to shekels.

Q. If I run out of cash, can I get more while I’m in Israel?
A. Yes. Your North American bank card should work in any ATM machine in Israel. You will receive the cash in local shekels. (There is usually a charge from your bank associated with doing this. If you plan to withdraw cash while in Israel, please inquire about the fee(s) at your local branch before departure.) We always recommend contacting your bank and/or credit card company to make them aware of your travel plans. This will help to ensure your bank card and/or credit card accounts are not frozen while you’re in Israel.

Q. How much should I expect to pay for lunches?
A. Approximately $12 up to $15 USD per person per day.

Q. When is the Tip Fee collected and what is it for?
A. We collect the tip fee on the first night at our orientation meeting in Israel. This fee is to pay the driver, the tour guide, and the luggage porters. If you want to tip the housekeeping staff or your meal servers, that is at your discretion.


Q. What is the food like in Israel?
A. If you like Mediterranean food, you’ll love the food in Israel! There are a wide variety of foods in the breakfast and dinner buffets to please everyone. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Q. Is the food kosher?
A. At the hotels we stay at, breakfasts and dinners are kosher. At breakfast you won’t find any meat as there will be dairy products served and then at dinner, you won’t find any dairy products as meat is being served. For our lunches, it may vary between kosher and non-kosher restaurants.


Q. What can you tell me about the bus and bus driver?
A. Our bus driver is very friendly. In most cases our bus driver has purchased Wi-Fi for the bus so that you can Facebook, Tweet and Instagram all the pictures you just took at that amazing site you just visited! There is air-conditioning and comfortable seating with overhead storage for your bags. Other than the front row, there is no assigned seating and we encourage you to switch up your seat everyday.

Q. Is there a bathroom on the bus?
A. No . . . due to terrorism years ago (a bomb was placed in the toilet of the bus), no bus in Israel is permitted to have washroom facilities on board. We will make rest-stops if our journeys are going to be extended.


Q. Is it safe to travel to Israel?
A. Joe Amaral has brought several groups to Israel including members of his family and it has always been safe. If there is any area of conflict, we always avoid it completely. Our tour guides are highly trained and know the areas to avoid if any conflict arises in Israel.

Q. Is my passport and are other personal items safe to leave in the hotels?
A. Every room has its own safe which you set and secure with your own protected code.


Q. Do I need to bring any medication?
A. As your body may be adapting to a new and different climate and water system or if you tend to have a sensitive stomach, it is not required but it is recommended that you bring Immodium (loperamide hydrochloride). It may also be helpful to bring items such as Advil (ibuprofen) or Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Gravol (dimenhydrinate). If you have a medical condition and are on medication for it, please remember to bring it with you. Also, if you have a medical condition, please make us aware of it during the orientation meeting at the beginning of the trip.

Q. Do I need any vaccinations before I go to Israel?
A. No, there are no immunization requirements for Israel.

Q. Can I fly if I’m pregnant?
A. Most airlines will permit you to fly up until the end of the 35th week of your pregnancy. Starting the 36th week of the pregnancy, medical approval by an airline doctor is required. Due to medical considerations, pregnant women may not fly after the end of the 37th week of pregnancy.


Q. Do I need a voltage converter to plug in my electronic items?
A. That depends on your electronic item. The voltage in Israel is 220 V. Check your device (usually the information is listed on the plug itself)—it should say something like: Input: AC 100V – 240V. If your device is within the 100 to 240 volts range, then you can simply purchase a plug adapter at your local dollar store as the plug/outlet system in Israel is different from North America. If you need a voltage converter you can purchase them for a cost of about $15 to $25 at most retail stores. We’ve found it’s helpful to have one adapter and then bring a North American power bar to plug all your electronics into.

Q. Can I use my cellphone in Israel?
A. If your phone is unlocked, you can purchase a SIM Card at the airport in Tel Aviv and preload it with phone-call, texting and data capabilities for about $50-$60. If your phone is not unlocked, you can leave it in airplane mode and use Wi-Fi where available.


• HAIR DRYERS – We recommend you don’t bring your own hair dryer. Several people have burned out their hair dryers because the voltage in Israeli hotel bathrooms isn’t compatible with North American hair dryers. The voltage is set mainly for shavers. If you do bring your hair dryer along with an adapter, please remember to plug it into an outlet that is not in the bathroom to avoid frying your hair dryer. Most hotels have hair dryers and if you don’t see one you can ask at the front desk for one.

• FACE CLOTHS – if you prefer to wash up with a face cloth, you will need to bring your own as most hotels do not have them.

• PACKING LIST – Download and print off our PDF Packing List. Use it as a guide when you’re packing for your trip with us!

Full Package: $3,599*
Land Only package (no airfare): $3,199*
Single Supplement: $1,400*

Our recommendation is that you secure your spot with a deposit of $300 right away as these tours sell out quickly.

* Price is based on Double Occupancy out of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport (YYZ).
* Price is subject to change due to fluctuating currency.
* Price is based on 42 passengers. If that is not met, there will be a surcharge of $60 up to $220 per person.

All our tours are operated by International Heritage Tours.

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